REB 15 PC3 -Disinfection with battery power


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Disinfection of large areas and surfaces
REB 15 PC3 with fanjet nozzle TPU 8002 PP: The battery
backpack sprayer REB 15 PC3 provides an ideal coverage for
plain, large surfaces.

With a working pressure of 3 bars the
TPU 8002 PP nozzle provides larger droplets (less drift) with
an average droplet size of around 200 microns and an output
of 0.8 l/min. The REB 15 can also be equipped with the NF 125
nozzle for finer droplets and more spacious applications.
The REB 15 PC3 is suitable for most of the available disinfectant
types incl. Chlorine- and Peroxide based disinfectants


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